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Your Brand Story through Instagram Stories 

Rebekah McNutt

Although late to the ephemeral content party, Instagram is following closely in Snapchat’s footstep.

Instagram Stories enable users to share videos or photos that disappear after 24 hours. Stories are highly visible on the home feed tab and shown to your most loyal fans first. The ability to add this behind-the-scenes content to your Instagram means you can focus on reaching the one audience without having to jump onto Snapchat too. Instagram’s intuitive and larger audience focus has seen over 100 million users daily and both big and small brands are using it to tell their story.

Team Firebrand are putting this new feature to the test on our new Instagram account ( Head on over and check us out. But how can it become part of your businesses social media strategy?

Show Your Personality

Your followers already like you, your product or your approach so continuing to build on this loyalty will keep you front of mind. This could be through showing your day-to-day but also what makes you quirky. What does your team get up to and what goes into your craft? Some days may be more exciting than others so you may choose to document these in more detail. Hand the lens around the office (to those trusted employees) for a fresh perspective each week. Have a celebrity brand ambassador? Let them do a takeover.

Promote Existing Content

You’re already publishing content in a variety of places. Due to its transient nature, Stories won’t replace that but it can be used to push people to those places. Flash teasers of blog posts, a scroll through a newsletter, a snippet of a video promo - your story can present longer-form content in a palatable and even more visual way. You can even encourage involvement and content generation by promoting your brands hashtags.

Build Hype

Launching a new product? Having a flash sale or event? Being an in-the-moment platform, Instagram stories is perfect for providing a sneak peak into what is to come. The temporary nature only further excites your audience to act now especially to avoid FOMO. For example announcing a short-fire contest or coupon code or capturing setup for an event. 

Keep it Consistent

Instagram users are avid ones so regular posting will suit their content needs. Your daily post should always reflect your brand in the best possible way so making a plan, especially during events is vital.

Include a Call to Action

While Instagram will be building brand loyalty the key is also to encourage activity. This could be to enter a competition, attend an event or to interact with your brand. Either way making it clear to your audience in that short time with the caption feature. 

Things to know about Stories:

  • Add to your story by clicking the "+" on the top left of your home feed
  • Load in photos or footage from your camera roll shot in the last 24 hours
  • Content can’t be commented on but users can message directly from the slideshow

Remember to check us out on Instagram for a glimpse into life as a Firebrander.