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Firebrand Social Club... What've we Been Upto?

Katy Miller

Food, movies, food, games and more food... Firebrand Social Club never fails to keep the team entertained and well nourished! Check out what we've been up to of late below!

Whilst the last three months have been jam-packed full of some super exciting projects, we always aim to drop tools, come together and relax as a team (usually over a shared spread of food...). 

So what exactly have we been up to? 

  • The Asian Lunch:  A farewell to our token French-Canadian, Maxime, the team came together to share the classic Firebrand feast...
  • Suicide Squad Movie Outing: We braved the crowds in spite of crippling reviews to go and watch the DC Comics classic. Mixed reviews among the team - Jake - 6/10 stars... Paul - 4/10 stars... Katy - -5/10 stars... 
  • Food for Thought: We came in extra early for a shared breakfast lead by keynote speaker, Mr Paul Twemlow, who earned his food by speaking to us on a subject close to his heart  - Generational gaps in the workforce.
  • Virtual Reality Games: Ben let us use his virtual reality games system and it was pretty awesome! 
  • Firebrand's 7th Birthday: We celebrated 7 years since doors opened as Fireweb back in 2009. Any guesses how? Doughnuts, pies and sandwiches. We love food... a lot.
  • RIP Foosball Trophy: Maxime stole the trophy and moved to Auckland... That's all were going to say about that.
  • Stress Induced, Social Club Funded Junk Food Binges: When deadlines are pressing and the team's feeling a little stressed, the only thing to do is binge on candy, ice cream and chocolate. Thanks  Social Club!
  • Hi Alex: Alex joined Social Club Committee... by default. Good work.

Take a look at our gallery below for some sneaky team shots!