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Firebrand gets amongst it for #TDKtuesdays 

Katy Miller

This month Firebrand hosted the fortnightly “TDK Tuesday” (The Design Kids Tuesday).

For those of you not familiar with “The Design Kids” (TDK from here on out). TDK is an initiative founded by Frankie Ratford in Australia in 2009. Starting its life as a shop selling products designed by students to help them gain exposure, TDK has now evolved into a graphic design community aimed at bridging the gap between design school and the professional industry. The initiative has seen huge success and expanded from its humble beginnings in Australia, to 4 centres within New Zealand (Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland) and a number of cities in Canada and the US.

The TDK website and social media channels are a gold mine of tips, resources and connections for anyone training for a career in the Design industry. Beyond the online resources, it is the events that really set TDK apart. Run fortnightly on Tuesday nights, #TDKtuesdays are hosted by local businesses within the creative industry. An opportunity for students to come in and make connections within the industry, ask any questions they may have and get a first-hand experience of the industry environment.

That’s where we step in. 

With a table full of pizza, a fridge full of beer and more decades of shared industry experience than anybody is willing to admit. We invited the lovely group of Design Kids into the studio to pick Firebrand brains and experience  first hand. With a good dozen hungry minds in the studio, the questions came thick and fast, with a few curve balls thrown in the mix for good measure. We were able to impart some of our knowledge onto our esteemed guests and excited that our new friends will be industry colleagues in the near future. 

It can’t have been all that bad, as there were a few familiar faces that popped up during our Sexy Summer Internship Speed-dating interviews. With at least one participant joining us as an intern in 2017.

If you’re a graphic design student/new grad hungry to break into the industry, or an industry member looking to get involved in a great community initiative, make sure you visit and see how you can get amongst it.