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Audacious updates online presence with stunning new responsive website.

Jake McKay

Firebrand recently worked with Dunedin based business start up program, Audacious, to unveil an updated online presence. 

Audacious is pretty special and we love the role they play in helping students curious about starting a business explore the possibilities! They provide an environment that encourages like-minds to meet, mingle, motivate and inspire each other.

The Audacious programme includes workshops, the challenge, business coaches and access to the Startup Space and helps give Otago University and Polytechnic students the skills and knowledge they need start their own business. 

Connecting budding entrepreneurial  minds with successful local business people, Audacious needed an updated online presence to help keep their target audience aware, informed and up to date with the latests news and events.

The project's primary goals were:

  • To have a digital space where participants could get in contact with other groups.
  • To showcase the major funders and supporters of Audacious.

With these goals in mind, we set about creating a responsive website that was not only visually stunning, but functional, easy to read and appropriate for the target audience.

We integrated Hail to visually showcase events, stories, news and past winners. By using our marketing savvy to identify two key target audiences - students and businesses - we crafted our key messaging to target these groups specifically.

The result? A simple website that is easy to use, effective and delivers the right information to students & businesses as and when it is needed. Check it out for yourself here.