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Stunning and Clever New Site for Presbyterian Support Otago

Jake McKay

A massive project incorporating all facets of Firebrand's design and development services, PSO have launched their new site that is as easy to use as it is visually stunning.

Presbyterian Support Otago works for a fair, just and caring community for the people of Otago. As an umbrella to a range of different support services including elderly, family and community oriented initiatives, Prebyterian Support Otago approached Firebrand wanting a website revamp that would efficiently showcase their magnitude of services and also attract greater site traffic.

We first set out to develop defined target audience profiles based on the current services on offer and the types of traffic seen on PSO's previous site. We narrowed this down to three key audiences:

1) Enliven Services: Elderly or the children of elderly wanting to improve the quality of life for ageing people in Otago

 2) Family Services: Adults, children and youth looking who are struggling in some way and in need of additional support

3) Volunteer Services: Volunteering who want to know how they can get involved with PSO initiatives.

With these defined audience profiles and the clients wants and needs in mind, we identified five focal goals to guide the development project, namely:

  • Awareness: Inform the community of the breadth of services on offer, as well as where these support services are available from throughout the region
  • Donations: Drive charitable traffic and increase the number of donations coming through the website whilst also making the process easier for the user.
  • Volunteer: Make the volunteer sign up process simpler and more personalised by allowing volunteers to have their say where they'd like to help.
  • Showcase: Tell their stories and highlight the good being done by Presbyterian Support Otago.
  • Streamline Admin: Make it easier for the different areas of Presbyterian Support Otago to collaborate on the website, keeping it up to date and relevant.

From here we set out to design and develop a responsive website that would showcase and demonstrate the support and services PSO has on offer. Highlighting imagery and content language as core drivers for ensuring audience engagement, we developed an imagery-heavy website design with a well-defined and intuitive structure, incorporating existing colours and typography from PSO's existing brand. 

We incorporated dedicated site navigation sections for current job listings,  services on offer and ways to get involved, as well as resources and news sections to keep the site relevant and up to date.  We further identified a need for multiple pathways to each page, creating and interconnected and cohesive site website that is as easy to use as it is visually stunning.

PSO also utilised Firebrand's graphic design services, tasking us with the creation of a wide variety of  printed collateral. Including content writing, sourcing of imagery and print procurement, we created a full suite of branded collateral, including signage, brochures, DLE's, booklets and staff guidebooks in support of the recently introduced Enliven brand. 

A massive project incorporating all aspects of our design and development services, we're very proud of the outcome - Check out Presbyterian Support Otago's new site for yourself and see just how much good they're doing in our local community