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Salesforce - kick ass motivational breakfast session!

Rebecca Twemlow

Team Firebrands Sales and Marketing peeps experienced a highly motivating breakfast session this month thank you to Salesforce. We heard a well designed (and perfectly targetted) pitch for the #1 CRM and Marketing Platform in the world = Find, Win, Keep & Connect and wanted to share.

With amazing surroundings (thank you to Heidi at Innova8HQ) and delicious eats thank you to Inspired Pantry we were well prepared for the slick presentation to disappointment experienced there.

Salesforce in its own words is a "Customer Success Platform".  No matter what size business you have or what tools you currently use to manage sales and leads it is well worth considering how Salesforce can improve your methods and outcomes, the toolkit is seriously amazing and although we only just touched on it's feature list our team are all VERY interested in taking the next step. 

We know the customer journey is on the move and decisions on use of products and services are made well before an actual "conversation" is held - this is where Salesforce excels - capturing the leads, nurturing them through the funnel and ultimately providing the information desired at the time the potential customer wants it - without needing your intervention.

If you are interested in exploring what Salesforce can offer your organisation get in touch and we can connect you.  

We also have the expertise in-house at 4 Dowling Street, Dunedin to integrate your web solutions to the power of Salesforce...working smarter, not harder!