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Streaming Live Now 

Rosaleen Ward

Immediate, unanticipated and unedited, live video streaming gives consumers a raw glimpse into a brand, anytime, anywhere, and for any given reason. 

It is no secret that social media is a fantastic platform to reach consumers, with millions of New Zealanders scrolling through the likes of Facebook and Instagram on their digital devices, every day. With the more recent introduction of live video streaming, this online interaction between businesses and consumers has become less static, allowing companies to give their messages a voice, and a friendly face to go with it.

Want to grab the attention of your followers? A notification is sent to all followers the moment you begin live video streaming on your chosen social media platform. You will be able to see the names of each follower as they tune into your video, and watch the live comments they leave as you are filming. We’ve put together some tips to take advantage of this direct, immediate interaction with your followers:

Introduce your Business

Sure, your followers know the name of your business, what you do and what your brand looks like. But here is your chance to show consumers who you are and a face behind your business and brand. Introduce yourselves, your colleagues and your workspace. This interaction of giving followers a live glimpse into the core of your business often comes across more genuine than a regular social media post. 

Create Hype

Create a competition based around the first follower to tune into your live video, or the first follower to comment a code word mentioned in an earlier post. This will get consumers excited about your brand, and get more followers tuning into your live videos to hear what you have to say, and to see what is happening with your business.

Show off

You’ve got their attention, live. Show them why they should be interested in your business and what you have to offer! What is your latest promotion? What are exciting things going on in your workspace? This is your time to promote your business and leave a lasting impression on your followers.

Keep your ears to the ground - I hear team Firebrand are about to launch a Facebook Live strategy to showcase the power themselves!