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Dunedin, Vote in our Local Elections!

Bex Twemlow

October 8th is voting day for local body elections. Dunedin, it's your responsibility to vote! 

Firebrand's been feeling a little political of late.  We're helping coordinate three of the campaigns for this year's local body elections. The number one message we want to give though is to get people to go out there, have your voice heard and vote! 

It's your responsibility for Dunedin's future.

Dunedin elections are run a slightly "special" way, following the STV voting system - that's Single Transferable Vote. Instead of choosing a single preferential candidate, under this system we're required to rank candidates in order of preference. This - we are told allows us to form a Council that best represents Dunedin.

Before voting, make sure you're fully versed in how STV works. The DCC have some excellent resources on their site explaining how the system works and we also found this Youtube video informative!

Please Dunedin, do you bit and make the effort to go and vote on October 8th.