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CN Tower, Canada and the Party Night.

Shopify Conference - ? Toronto!

Rebecca Twemlow

Toronto is special. Not as special as New Zealand (of course) but she is certainly a VERY close second. However, it wasn't all sightseeing, there were some very serious topics to cover off; eCommerce, Shopify, Partners and global innovations.

The Shopify Unite conference is all about bringing together the Shopify Partner Network - Agencies, App developers and all the side industries it has nurtured from photographers, content writers, videographers, 3D Graphic specialists and AI too. We were four people in a crew of a couple of thousand - but those Canadians know how to put on an event in an entirely seamless, safe, inclusive and beautiful way.

Unite is the platform for Shopify to unveil new features, tools, and technology to help us make commerce better for you - our clients! There were so many announcements we could hardly contain ourselves just following the first half day.  

To catch a glimpse of the impact Shopify is having and their focus on the future check out the initial address video here, where Tobi Lütke the CEO speaks to  - The future of commerce being a vision that has more voices, not fewer.

For all the specific detail check out the link here.  

If you are interested in discussing anything eCommerce, Shopify and Going Global we are your Shopify Partners locally.