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Welcome Anne to Team Firebrand

Jay Phillips

Exciting news! Firebrand welcomes its newest team member. Welcome Anne.

Introducing the exceptionally talented Anne (no pressurešŸ˜‰).

Anne has been with us at the Firebrand Studio but a minute and is already sinking her teeth into a menagerie of projects (we can't hold her back!).

Anne is a senior designer who brings with her a broad range of knowledge across the design and marketing industries, having worked in both digital and advertisement agencies. She keeps her finger on the pulse and takes a special interest in keeping up with the latest design innovations and trends. 

She enjoys creating engaging, on-brand content and designing creative solutions for cross-media projects, supporting clients on their journey to creating, developing and positioning successful brands.

We think she is the bee's knees and hopes you will join us in giving her a big Dunedin welcome.