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Getting Noticed Through the Crowds in 2017.

Emma Turner

With over 100 million active users and available in 60 different countries it's easy to say that Spotify is one of - if not the biggest music sources in the world. 

Is getting noticed in this busy world of marketing and advertising a matter of re-thinking your entire brand or something as simple as changing the background colour of your website or app? These trends are forever changing and are sometimes hard to keep up with. 2017 is all about minimalization and simplification. Brands are becoming less "information orientated" and more visually enticing. This is clear to see in the design world with an emphasis on both dull and bright colours - and a few in between tones.

I have noticed these trends lately while using Spotify. You would think the pleasure you get out of listening to music would be enough. Spotify, however, is introducing a newer and more out-there colour palette - getting users out of their comfort zones with day-to-day music choices. The bright palette creates a sense of modernness and a link between the young and old listeners. 

I really enjoy the direction that Spotify is heading with its advertising. It is both innovative and creative. Spotify utilises its social platforms to keep listeners updated with the latest music and trends. They are also active in the email world with regular updates on the music scene, artists and the app itself. Year in Review emails also highlight your top artists, hours spent listening and favourite genre while linking you to your own playlist based on this data. This is a clever way of engaging with their audience. The visuals, tone and the marketing encomassing the app create a truly personalised strategy allowing Spotify to stand out in the crowd.


Emma (Intern!)