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Good Food Dunedin

Anthony Doornbos

We created a brand to build awareness around local food sustainability, security and resilience, whilst complimenting the current Dunedin brand.

As we move forward into a world that faces mounting environmental issues it's essential that we put serious fore-thought into the sustainability, security and resilience of our food chain.

Good Food

The DCC has developed an initiative that is directly concerned with these issues, aptly named “Good Food”, and approached us at Firebrand to create the initiatives branding. It was requested that the brand be developed to incorporate a modern and clean approach that aligns with the Dunedin brand.

Our solution was a brand that created impact through clean typography and colour choice, accompanied by a simple graphic element of two leaves. The result is a brand that communicates strong, environmental responsibility which matches perfectly the initiative it represents.

We have no doubt that you will encounter this brand out in its natural environment, along side the Dunedin brand in the coming months. Make sure you keep an eye out for it and find out more about the fantastic initiative it represents.