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Bex Twemlow

Bex headed off for three days of Institute of Directors training earlier this month. The focus was on the BIG Three concerning Directors and business leaders....what did she learn and was it worth the time out of the office?

Without a doubt being away from the office for any length of time causes me a little anxiety - just the mere thought but I have to admit - all went smoothly in my absence and the time spent working On Firebrand was of great benefit.

A fledgling Director in length of time and experience my membership to the Institute of Directors has garnered some fantastic opportunities and the three days training this month are a particular highlight.

Finance Essentials was day one and the singleone I feared the most! Ratio's, balance sheets, valuations and reports were on the agenda - the detail was swift, the methods clear and before I knew it the day was over and I felt exhilarated by how much I already knew but could now confidently articulate at the board table using the correct language.

Strategy Essentials (always a favourite) was lead by the incredible facilitator Murray Strong - with a real focus on Strategy, not Operations.....certainly a challenge for many of us. I came away feeling armed with some tools I hadn't thought about previously and a real desire to set some time for Blue Sky sessions asap.

Lastly was Risk Essentialsand being a lover of Startups, taking risks and not being someone particularly worried about failure I found myself seeing all the "risks" we addressed as mere Opportunities! Opportunities for technology solutions to solve the issues firstly then measure the risk and report on the factors and outcomes. I basically had to stop myself thinking about solutions and accept the risk rather than how to resolve or I would have another 5 startups today! Funny. 

All up the three days were absolutely worth it, aside from the learnings were those all important connections and relationships, of which many were made.

Considering your future in Governance or just wanting to spend time ON your business the training offering seen here from IOD is well worth checking out.