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Brainstorming with post-it notes

Design Thinking Workshop With DYP

Taryn Ormbsy

DYP are starting the new year with a new vision. We had the pleasure of facilitating a Design Thinking session with the DYP exec team full of brainstorming, post it notes, ideas (and snacks).

The Dunedin Young Professionals (DYP) is managed by a committee of 8 young professionals who volunteer their time to ensure members get a variety of interesting social and professional opportunities. The organisation has a long standing history, historically being aligned with young nationals and other like minded networks and organisations. 

The face of the exec teams has changed a lot over the years and the new exec team have embarked on a Design Thinking journey with Firebrand to apply a new vision, new methods and mindsets to the way they work as a team and their overall purpose and vision.

DYP Design Thinking Session — Taryn Ormsby

Facilitated by our incredible Mission Commander, Lynda Henderson, the team worked through the 5 phases of design thinking (EDIPT) methodology -Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test and worked through how some of the problems and misconceptions DYP face as an organisation. 

Design Thinking Process 

The Design thinking process is a new concept to most members of the DYP exec team and has opened up an entirely new way for the team to think, problem-solve, disrupt old and dated mind sets and take the organisation in a new direction. The workshop is the first step in the journey in realigning their values, mission and social good going forward - to make DYP a more welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable environment for all young professionals as they enter the workplace and grow in their professional networks. Firebrand look forward to continuing to support DYP on their journey.

DYP Design Thinking Session — Taryn Ormsby