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DeadPool -Firebrand Movie Night

Social Club outing a hit with Deadpool and Pizza!

Jake McKay

Readings Cinemas was graced with the presence of our team as we made our first social club outing of the new year.

In the first social club outing of 2016, team Firebrand scored an awesome movie night featuring a few beersies, a man in a lycra suit and copious amounts of pizza!

Starting with a Friday Shop tart to celebrate Firebrand's resident intern, Jake Mckay's 21st Birthday, followed by a delivery of pizza, beers and deep fried cheese the Dowling street office was full of some very happy campers . With a whole lot of calorific treats under our belts we headed to the Octagon for team movie night - and more calorific treats.

The movie was decided by an office-wide SurveyMonkey vote (for statistical accuracy, obviously!) and Deadpool was the movie choice that least made us want to scratch our eyes out. 

Fortunately it did not disappoint and in a record breaking feat no one fell asleep in the cinema. An awesome night out was had by all and we definitely recommend checking out DeadPool!