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Day 2

Paul Twemlow

Our leader gave us the day off; so look out kids here I come!

With Bex letting us take Friday off for a long weekend I looked around the the house and saw my shaggy son, Mason. 

Typically, our good friends Kerri and Terry at Bloke feed our coffee addiction and take care of our beards and fades.

Not now though as Covid-19 says no.

Whilst searching the house, I found some clippers but no blades and certainly no scissors for cutting hair. OK Let's do this.

Trust me son
"Dad, why do I need hair cut, no one can see me," 

Fair question. But, I also thought.

"When I muck this up, at least it will have grown back for Bloke to fix it up.

And that is why we have our professionals. They look after our well being and make us feel good with a haircut and good chat.  

In the mean time, I can alway make Mason feel happy with a chocolate muffin. But, there is no way Tayla wants me to trim her ends.

Mason happy to have both ears