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Firebrand Welcomes 3 New Team Members.

Kate Boreham

Firebrand has grown and we're excited to introduce Che Bliss, Alex Murray and Oli Jones as the newest members of the team. 

We've had a busy start to the year with exciting projects galore, so many in fact that we've got some new additions to the team to support our growing client base.

This month we've welcomed Che Bliss as our new Business Development Manager, a strategically driven individual Che is passionate about building partnerships that drive successful business outcomes. With experience across multiple industries he's learnt to be agile in order to adapt and immerse himself in a business. With a long list of successful projects under his belt he's an expert in corporate digital strategy integration, brand revitalisation, consumer mobilisation and much more. Not to mention he's a keen surfer and a proud family man who's already fitted right into the Firebrand fold.

Also joining us is Oli Jones, Designer and Front End Developer. Armed with a Bachelor in Design with a major in communication he's also continuing to study with a Post Grad Cert in IT almost complete. Alongside his qualifications he also brings three years commercial experience with workspace (previously known as WorkSpace).  A fitness fan he's an active member of Surf Life Saving NZ. 

And last but certainly not least Alex Murray - Designer and Front Developer. With experience across all facets of design from web, brand and print through to App Design he's also brings to the party his extensive experience in development including HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap Frameworks, Silverstripe and more. A keen Basketballer he's already joined the taller of the Twemlows in their social (yet fiercely competitive) team.  

Needless to say we're feeling extremely lucky to welcome such fabulous new additions to our team - though we are starting to run out of room at the lunch table! Their complete bio's and pictures are coming to the website very soon so check our Team page next week for more on these lovely lads.