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BNI Octagon Chapter update.

Rebecca Twemlow

Networking is essential to building a sustainable, innovative and future-focused business, BNI Octagon presents significant opportunities for just this - and a good hearty cooked breakfast every Thursday morning too.

Super Fun times in our BNI Octagon chapter right now.  I have been President for 4 months now and to be honest, I am absolutely loving it.  The power of 40+ people speaking every week about their business success, desires for the future and how everyone in the chapter could potentially support them can't really be understood until you experience it.  

As a Leadership team (Kevin, Pieter, Cindy, Steve and Dan) we are focussed on the positive and supporting elements that a group of this nature brings and the proof is in the growth, the business referred and the huge number of visitors....8 of them this week alone!

If you have ever thought about it - get to it - visit a chapter (doesn't have to be Octagon of course!) and if you find a chapter with your specific industry seat available I would highly recommend applying - that return on investment is thousand fold.

Want to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch.