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Firebrand SPCA Team Trip. 

Social Club SPCA Day a puppy and kitten bonanza. 

Kate Boreham

With a meeting of cats, dogs, developers and designers it was bound to be an interesting day out and the Social Club SPCA trip didn't disappoint. 

This month the Firebrand Social Club wanted to give something back and with a team of animal lovers extending a helping hand to the Otago SPCA was a natural choice. We ran a pet food drive with a donations box in the office, collecting puppy and kitten food and even some blankets to keep our furry friends warm at night. A big thanks to everyone who came in and contributed! 

With donations in hand the team took a field trip to the SPCA during the weekend. With some very loveable dogs, cats, donkeys and ponies it was hard not to take them all home. While there were suggestions of adopting an office cat (Mr Wobbles) we decided an inner city office with no outdoor space wouldn't make the best home...

After we'd met all the animals (and dragged Craig out of the 'cat room', which he'd made himself at home in) we headed to Vogel St Kitchen for lunch. They make a great wood fired pizza and the fries were pretty awesome too. 

All in all it was another great day out and about!