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Millennium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral, London

Where is Bekah? 5 Weeks, 7 Countries and 1,562 Photos!

Rebekah McNutt

4 weeks ago ago I jetted off on an epic holiday (and I am still away!). Fuelled by the desire to both reunite with friends living overseas and to explore some bucket list places (escaping the last of Dunedin's cooler weather; a bonus).

With jampacked days we've seen a lot. Each destination has had its definite highs along with some learning. I'll try keep this short with three picks from each spot so far:

1. San Francisco

See: The Golden Gate Bridge. Predictable I know, but the sheer scale of the bridge was outstanding. We biked across it and up to the Battery Spencer for the bay views. Somehow we struck it while Carl wasn't around - that's right ever present fog has a name (and a twitter account).

Do: Yosemite. A whole day trip but well worth it, the national park is breathtaking. Full of squirrels, chimpmunks, deer and even the odd vegetarian bear there's heaps to see. Again the size of the rock formations of El Capitan are mind blowing.

Eat: Chowder - if you like seafood the Chowder bread bowls are delicious and basically on every menu along Fishermans Wharf.

2. London

See: The Tate Modern. Sadly we ran out of time here but the art gallery is full of some the world's top artworks. The building itself is impressive, industrial in style it was an old power station redeveloped.

Do: Bar hop. If I've learnt anything on this trip it's that the British like a drink. Also ideal for us on holiday, anytime is a good time to indulge. We met up with a friend living in London Char who gave us a food/pub tour featuring Bread and Butter Pudding and Mushy Peas.

Eat: Duck and Waffle. Possibly the spot highest I've ever eaten breakfast the restaurant boasts 360 degree views of the city and as you may have guessed the best waffles around.

3. Croatia.

See: The Drubovnik town walls (aka Kings Landing). My friends are Game of Thrones fanatics so seeing this was a given. It was Impressive because for a fortress town built in the 7th century it had been kept in top condition. You can't help but imagine the history as you weave through the steep alleyways best explored as the sun is coming up and the tour groups are yet to arrive.

Do: Very little. The Croatian islands run on island time. We found that the best way to spend the day was on the beach with drinks and diving into the clear blue water. Hvar beaches have bars with drinks delivered right to your sun lounger!

Eat: Pasta. I wasn't sure what to expect foodwise and the cuisine is mostly seafood and Italian. The handmade Gnocchi was my pick.

4. Munich

See: Olympiapark. Post-Oktoberfest we ditched the drinking for some sightseeing ending up at the park built for the 1972 Olympics. The park's architecture is made to reassemble tent canopies and the sun setting made for a peaceful walk through.

Do: Timed with the biggest weekend of Oktoberfest it's no surprise that this was our main mission. The carnival surprised me being about a lot more than just beer: delicious food, traditional music and rollercoasters. We spent our time in the Augustiner tent that is steeped in history and holds up to 8000 people!

Eat: a trip to Germany is possibly not complete without trying a bratwurst - we indulged in a few.

5. Greece

See: The sunset at Oia. Watching the sun disappear into the sea at the northernmost point of Santorini is well worthwhile. You do have to compete with thousands of others for a clear view but with that many people, it's a very cool experience.

Do: Athens Flea Markets. We're still exploring the city but so far the web of alleyways full of local stores has been a highlight. Ideal for cheap band tees, handmade jewellery and some less mass-produced souvenirs.

Eat: Souvlaki. After some work, we've mastered the art of finding the best souvlaki and gyros. The key - pay no more than 2,50 euro and look for the smallest kitchens.

As we finish up our time in Greece we're looking forward to an even bigger culture shock in Egypt and then onto buying an extra suitcase for some shopping in Hong Kong.

I'll be adding more updates to my Instagram: @rebekahmcnutt