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Letting Clutha Residents Decide their Future.

Laura Sutherland

This key decision-making document focuses on the future plans that the Clutha District Council look to provide over the next decade. Communication design is a speciality and our team have yet again knocked it out the park.

The Clutha District Council's (CDC) consultation document is an informative and stunningly designed booklet that lets the residents of Clutha have their say in future improvements to the district. It explores a range of topics that cover refuse facilities, a proposed new makeover for Milton, roading upgrades, rates, infrastructure updates and more.

Having successfully worked together on other communication documents it made sense to do so again for the Long Term Plan for 2018 - 2028. The vision for this project was to be informative and engaging while also looking the part. It was a delight to receive so many beautiful images exploring the stunning landscape of Clutha. You can see the images in all their glory here!

When designing the document, it was important to keep the varied audience and readers in mind. We wanted to engage them, have them care about the problems, and express their thoughts and ideas on how to fix them.  A favourite aspect was the different colour coded sections for each issue, this colour display helped separate the sections and gave the overall document a fantastic and engaging communication colour scheme. 

To keep it light fun and capture the essence of Clutha we have a stunning vector illustration with showing the landscape from the sea to the rolling grassy hills, and of course the iconic Balclutha bridge (which is instantly recognisable). Keeping in style with the last consultation document we have kept the silhouettes featured throughout, with new additions to represent the many leisure activities available in the Clutha region — specifically the rail trail and the hikes. 

Take a look at this stunning document for yourself!