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Still from PSO Video

Presbyterian Support Otago Film

Paul Twemlow

Presbyterian Support Otago are working for a fair, just and caring community. They needed our services to support them in their efforts for National recognition - a Pro Bono project we couldn't say no to...

PSO are in the running for the Trust Power Community Awards at Rotorua. Over the last two months, we have been capturing the great things the organisation does on a daily basis. The end result - a beautiful and touching video to accompany their presentation.

PSO's range of services is very wide from Foodbanks and Charity Shops to Youth Buddy Programmes and Visiting Volunteers for elderly. Throughout the filming process, we've learnt a great deal more about PSO - the one thing that has shone through is it's all about the people.

Good luck to the team at PSO and stay tuned for a link to the video next week.