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Hail News: The Growth, Expansion and Evolution of our favourite sister business!

Jake McKay

Hail, our sister company, has seen the addition of some wicked new functionality over the last few months. Check out the latest and greatest in new features to hit Hail!

While Hail is the perfect place to create, publish and share content to support your businesses Marketing Strategy, we don't like to rest on our laurels and we're continuously looking to add new features and functionalities to make Hail even more accessible and more efficient for your business.

Over the last wee while, we've added a myriad of new features - some of which you might not have yet noticed! We're pretty by excited by these new additions:

Attachments: One of the most requested features by Hail clients, we've added the functionality to add attachments to your content. Hail now supports attachments in the form of Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint files, PDFs and MP3s. Sending out an article about your school's rowing team sign ups? Now you can attach the required forms/paper work all in one place. How good is that?

LinkedIn Connectivity: Hail now allows you to share your content direct to LinkedIn, meaning you can now push your content to your professional network, in addition to the existing third party channels already on offer: Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp,  WordPress, tumblr, blogger and Shopify are also supported.

Video Integration: Hail now lets you embed dynamic video content directly into your article, making your content more engaging and ultimately more powerful. Super simple to use - simply upload your video file as you would for a static image, add it to your article and you're good to go! 

Custom Domains: Whilst all articles previously held the domain in the url,  Hail now lets you add custom domain names to your articles.  This is not only a great way to keep your articles on-brand, but is also perfect for your search engine optimisation so your content can be found by Google and the likes!

If you're not yet familiar with Hail just yet, pop over to their website here to get the full rundown of how it  could help out with you and your brand's content marketing strategy.