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Live New Site for Forsyth Barr Stadium! 

Jake McKay

Dunedin's premier events and entertainment location launch with a fresh new site to match!

Forsyth Barr Stadium without a doubt leads the charge as one of the world's best multi-purpose stadiums. Comfortably seating up to 36,000 people as well as offering services for all manner of events, this behemoth needed a new website to more closely align with their expanding service offering and strategic direction. A job the Fireband team was excited to conquer!

From day one of the project, it was clear that Forsyth Barr Stadium needed a site that was intuitive, uncluttered, easy to maintain and fundamentally user-focused. We set out to build an engaging platform that would showcase stadium events in a fun, informative and social manner. 

So how did we do it?

We first identified what we needed to achieve. Our primary goal was to create an informative hub that would help promote ticket sales and buzz for each and every upcoming event. We also identified three secondary objectives for the new site, namely: 

  • Providing easy to find and informative content relevant to the stadium, encompassing all touch points of a customer's trip to help improve overall event experience
  • Increasing membership package sign-ups by showcasing their costs and benefits in a visually stunning and informative manner
  • Boost newsletter sign ups and social engagement through forefronted and exciting content marketing tactics

With these goals in mind, we set out to create a custom designed and built site. We simplified the navigational structure, took cues from existing stadium branding and collateral, as well as the physical design of the stadium itself. Moving away from the previously dark and text-heavy layouts, our new build prioritised a more open, bright and dynamic layout, with inclusions of imagery, film, Hail-generated content and social media to bring it to life.

Early on, content marketing was identified as a key strategic pillar for the new site. In order to maintain a highly relevant, timely and interesting user experience we forefronted the likes of sliding banners, an Instagram feed and Hail generated resource articles sitewide.  

All in all, this build has been a massive project and one that's made full use of our experience and expertise. A beautiful site that's on-brand, easy to use and fundamentally user focused - we couldn't be happier with the result!

 Go take a look around for yourself here