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Paul and Katy

You may have noticed the Firebrand team has been a little light on the ground recently with four of the team off on world adventures. Discover what they got up to; from Twemlow Green, Aurora Hunting to a Parisian Wedding.

Paul and Bex - Grab hold of that Euro Opportunity.

"Yeah, I'll get over to see Europe... one day," I've always told myself. 

"I mean, if the opportunity shows itself, of course, I will."

So, when your European colleague asks you to come to his wedding in Paris, it made perfect sense to pack up the Whanau and seize the day.

Marc and Lyvianne welcomed us into their family and had the most amazing wedding imaginable. 

The Twemlows glammed up for Marc and Lyvianne's wedding.

The thing I am still amazed at is how well-received Kiwis are all over the world. 

It's humbling to know that where ever you go everyone thinks your home is paradise - and as we all know, they aren't wrong. 

Katy - A grand Canadia-Alaska Tour

It's hard to believe a trip 2 years in the planning has come and gone. It seems only yesterday my dad expressed his lifelong desire to see the expanse of Canada and to agree to me being his tour guide. The grand Canadia-Alaska Tour was realised. My trip included planes, trains, car, helicopter, cruise ship, ponton boat, cable cars, sky trams, shuttle bus, and as my dad would describe it, far too much walking. So, where did I go, well the quickest and easiest way to tell you about the expanse of my trip is to show you the map. 

From Dunedin to Canada, Alaska and Beyond — Katy Miller

When you come back from holiday everyone wants to know what the highlight was, there were many and it is hard to pick only one, so here is a list in no particular order:

  • Hunting the aurora borealis in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • Eating Maple Smoked Salmon, maple cookies, maple fudge and caramel
  • Not hitting an elk on the Icefield Parkway as we drove to Jasper, Alberta
  • Seeing fox, eagle, moose, sea otters, bear, salmon and squirrels in the wild
  • Visiting Banff, Jasper, Yukon and the Grand Canyon
  • Being told to watch for bears in the garden overnight in Jasper, Alberta
  • Dad getting lost in the cruise ship buffet
  • Exploring Lake Moraine, Banff with only 17 mins on the clock
  • Being bullied by a squirrel on Whistlers Peak, Jasper
  • KÀ by Cirque du Soleil - the production set up alone is incredible
  • Being completely unphased by the Grand Canyon Skywalk
  • Being caught unprepared for the heat in Nevada and the Grand Canyon 
  • Cruising Glacier Bay and College Fiord, Alaska from the comfort of your room
  • Cutting and polishing a diamond (sorry no photos)at the NWT Diamond Centre
  • Musée Mécanique - San Francisco's Antique Penny Arcade

And where are all the photos? here are just a small selection: 

Lake Moraine, Banff — Katy Miller
Somewhere in Alaska — Katy Miller
Northern Lights, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada — Katy Miller
Pilots Monument, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada — Katy Miller

21 Days, 13+ different towns and cities the Canadia-Alaska Tour comes to an end - but not without exhausting my camera memory and credit card.  So here is to planning the next adventure.