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eCom Rules - Skip Christmas Queues, Shop Online!

Jake McKay

Come this time of year, the thought of braving manic retail lines is enough reason to detour me into doing my shopping online.

We've all been there - Christmas Eve and you've still got things to cross off your list, with gifts, groceries and beverages still needing to be picked up! The stores are full and the shelves empty, and Christmas stress truly kicks in. This year, we're being smart with our Xmas shopping, and you should too! We've put together a couple reasons why we believe eCom rules come silly-season!

1) You Can Shop From Your Couch

Or work, the gym or the car for that matter.  eCom stores are open 24/7, meaning you can shop whenever you like, wherever you like. What could have taken a couple hours of driving, parking, shopping and moving between stores can take less than 5 minutes online. Super easy!

2) Greater Variety

Not only do some stores have a wider range of stock online than in store (particularly common for clothing retailers), but you've got so much more variety in terms of stores and products that don't have a physical retail presence here in NZ.

Take for example our gal Katy - she LOVES sloths. If I wanted a bit of a novelty gift, I could jump onto Amazon and get her this Sloth Christmas Jumper - I could never get anything like this from physical retail here in Dunedin!

3) Get  Delivery Direct to The Gift Recipients Door

One of my biggest pressure points, eCom shopping means that when you make the purchase you can get the product shipped directly to the receiver. Most online stores at this time of year offer a gift wrapping service, so you don't even need to battle with the wrapping paper. Double win!

4) More Stock

If you've left your shopping late and specifically want something in a certain colour or size, chances are by the time you get out there to buy it the store may not have any stock remaining - you're out of luck really. eCom products are likely going to come from a central warehouse where the bulk of stock is kept. This way, you've got the best chance at getting exactly what you're after!

5) No Lines...

This one's simple.