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Hanlon & Partners Launch Brand New Website 

Jake McKay

Dunedin-based engineering firm Hanlon & Partners' website and branding project goes live, showcasing their experience and expertise to both current and prospective clients.

With a demonstrated history of providing engineering services to the Otago and Southland region, Hanlon & Partners approached Firebrand wanting  an updated online presence to customers both current and new.

With an understanding of Hanlon's diverse range of target markets and knowledge that most of their business come from referrals, repeat business and positive word of mouth, we set out to design a website to achieve four main objectives:

  • Create a place for both current and prospective clients to find and connect with Hanlon & Partners
  • Help prospective clients understand their core areas of industry expertise
  • Help clients recognise Hanlon's value and quality of work
  • Compliment efforts to recruit new talent

With these goals in mind, it was clear that a site with a simple structure and intuitive functionality was needed.  We set out to build a page that was clean, simple, uncluttered and professional with dedicated pages for their services, past projects and employment opportunities. Behind the scenes, we also integrated thorough SEO content, ensuring organic search visibility for both structural engineering and engineering consultant search phrases.

To reiterate a consistent image and improve their online credentials, we also refreshed Hanlon's branding. Positioning  their brand with key messages of trust, expertise and experience, we created a clean and simple design taking cues from Hanlons heritage and history within the Otago and Southland regions. 

We're pretty proud of our work on this project, building a site perfectly aligned to client and industry needs. Check out our new website and branding for yourself now.