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Marketing Automation - What, Why and How ?

Akash Mokashi

Marketing automation is simply the use of software to automate and optimise repetitive tasks related to marketing activities while connecting different parts of the entire marketing funnel.

On a more complex note, Marketo, a popular marketing automation company, defines a marketing automation system as one that “streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows…so companies like yours can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.”  A very technical definition but one that focuses on outcomes - outcomes that we all want. If this has you thinking, your next question must be “How? How can I get all of that?”

Marketing automation allows you to achieve these outcomes by scoring, profiling and prioritising leads and then applying automated marketing programmes that help nurture these leads based on the customer’s position on a customer journey map. The whole process relies greatly on data and is more rigorous than any manual approach you may have previously taken. The increase in efficiency by automating marketing activities directly benefits actual sales, as sales increase and the cost per lead decreases. This brings us to the next question, “What is the relationship between sales and marketing automation?”

The joining block between sales and marketing automation is the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Aside from being your central data repository, a CRM tells your sales story: who is looking at you, where they come from and what they’re telling you about themselves. Marketing automation tells your marketing story: what you’re telling your prospects and customers about you, as well as how and when you’re doing this.

If integrated efficiently and properly within your culture and with one another - CRM and marketing automation means the end of isolated sales and marketing. For sales, it delivers a higher quality lead that is much closer to a sale. For marketing, it offers the power to cultivate stronger relationships with your customers, deeper customer intimacy, more qualified prospects and heaps of valuable data that can bring important insights.

Overall, CRM + MA = Stronger relationships, increased revenue and reduced costs and time.

In summary, marketing automation is shorthand for software that assembles and consolidates various parts of these CRM and marketing systems into a single tool. These tools usually consist of several different functions: CRM integration, email, website integration, page/form building, several marketing automation tools and sometimes even customer support.

Popular marketing automation tools:

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