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Pathways Awarua

Rebekah McNutt

Online learning to help adults Go Places.

Keeping our expert marketing team busy over last few months has been a collaborative project with the team at Pathways Awarua. This online learning provider helps New Zealanders improve their skills in literacy, numeracy, health & safety and driving through online modules.

We put together a hefty digital marketing strategy; the aim - to reach the multiple audiences of both learners, educators and industry in their natural online habitats. We worked collaboratively alongside Pathway Awarua and in particular their talented in-house designer to build up awareness, highlight products, showcase success and ultimately pave the way for future activity.

Over a heavily concentrated three months, we developed a social advert campaign, radio advertising (thank you Media Works!) with an associated landing page and pre-roll video, a refreshed social media schedule and look, PPC advertising, contest and whitepapers.

The future is bright for this online learning solution and we’re looking forward to continued collaboration in 2017. 

Learn more about how Pathways Awarua is helping tens of thousands of kiwis.