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Wild Dunedin Animation Screencap

Wild Dunedin Animated Logo

Laura Sutherland

Animated logos have become a core part of powerful and modern design. Learn more about Wild Dunedin's charming animated logo we helped bring to life.

Animation is a creative way to tell stories and showcase a business. Turning a static logo into an animation makes it unique and interesting.

Logos often present the values and personality of a business, and if used correctly can be a very powerful marketing tool. Modern technology allows us to take logos a step further through animation. Wild Dunedin wanted to showcase their "personality and captivate the Dunedin Public" through an animated version of their logo.

Wild Dunedin's logo contains four hidden animals: an Otago skink, a sea lion, a blue penguin, and an albatross. These animals are all local to Dunedin, and can even be seen on tours. 

Our goal was to animate the four different creatures in their own unique way to gradually uncover the 'Wild Dunedin' logo. We unanimously agreed that the penguin and sea lion would come out first, as we believed they were the most visually charming and instantly recognisable. Next came the skink shortly followed by the albatross to uncover the logo in all its glory.

As an animator I mainly animate human features. To animate an animal is a very different task, and meant watching a handful of videos to study how each animal moved, later recreating it in a 2D style.

Take a look at our Wild Dunedin animated logo. What section do you like best?