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Rebecca Twemlow

Being that I am currently the president of our BNI Chapter it would be expected from me to rave about it - so no apology there! However, in all honesty, the weekly networking opportunity is incredibly invigorating and highly recommended.

Sure, it means a super early wake up each and every week, networking begins at 6.45am so that can be a challenge (particularly in winter) but it is 100% worth it.  

There are half a dozen BNI groups in Dunedin (and in fact thousands of chapters around the entire Globe), some meet at a lunch hour which suits some better - however, for me and I expect most of us, the early start means it conflicts less with our business as usual responsibilities. 

If you have ever wondered what it might be like to join a chapter the invitation is here to join me for a visit.  No risk, no expectations aside from the opportunity to explore the possibility of realising the rewards of a weekly networking, education and a referral business growth supercharged engine. 

Get in touch and we can co-ordinate.