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Google intensifies the focus on Responsive Design!

Rebecca Twemlow

Google recently added a 'mobile friendly' label to mobile search results making it easier for these searchers to choose sites that provide a great user experience on any device. 

With over 60% of web traffic generated from mobile devices it's no wonder Google is making changes to ensure they deliver the best user experience for these online searchers. 

We've all experienced it - there's nothing more frustrating than tapping a search result on your mobile only to find the text is tiny and you have to pinch, zoom and scroll endlessly to try and read the content and navigate the site. The response is usually to hit the back button and look for another site that is responsive and is easy to use on your device.

In response Google has recently added a 'mobile friendly' label to our mobile search results - this lets people know which sites are going to work well and which aren't. Pages are eligible for the 'mobile friendly' label if the text is readable without zooming, content is resized so users don't have to scroll and zoom and links are far enough apart so the correct one can be easily tapped. 

This change is just one more reason it's now vital for sites to work beautifully on all devices at any screen size.  If you're wondering if your site makes the grade you can run a 'Google mobile-friendly test' here