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Rebecca Twemlow 

Boss Lady Bex is Throwing Herself 37m from the Roof of Forsyth Barr Stadium!

Jake McKay

In total support of Dunedin's own Malcam Trust, Rebecca will be abseiling from the roof of Forsyth Barr Stadium to the pitch below - 37 meters in fact... the equivalent of a 12 story building...

The Malcam Trust strive to make a difference among local youth by providing positive learning and development experiences, encouraging young people to become self-supporting members of their communities. This year they've recruited 24 local bosses and business owners to throw themselves from the roof of Forsyth Barr Stadium (harness included) each tasked with fundraising $1000. Our own boss lady Bex has accepted the challenge and come Thursday 26th May,  will be abseiling 37m to the ground. 

If you ever needed evidence of Rebecca's community focus or her fierce support of local youth, then this is it. Explaining why she's getting behind such an initiative, Bex says:

What better way to show my dedication to Dunedin's Youth and our Community than to put my life (well kinda) on the line....reward being that I can help raise funds for The Malcam Trust. These guys do phenomenal things to support our next generation in finding their place in the world and need our help to do so - please support, no amount too small.

We're so close to reaching the $1000 target. If you can, please dig deep for The Malcam Trust, donate here, and support Bex as she hurls herself from a roof in support of local youth. Every dollar truly counts and all funds raised go straight to The Malcam Trust.