Sexy Summer Jobs rebrand JobDUN!

With the need for a new name, brand and website reskin to accommodate a shift away from Sexy Summer Jobs and better incorporate the overarching vision and expand beyond the summer season.

Chanel O'Brien reviewing the stickies from the naming workshop.  — Image by: Lynda Henderson

The Firebrand team got brainstorming, consulting and reimaging one of Dunedin's most iconic internship initiatives.

The JobDUN name is a combination of terms: Job and DUN representing Dunedin in short form. Aligning the idea of paid Jobs in Dunedin. The tagline use will help refine the target audience. At its core JobDUN is about providing real opportunities and real projects for interns to work on, they are there to get a job done, is intentional, direct and purposeful.

Taking cues from the programme's root in tech and IT option two looks to incorporate a personality of tech and innovation, the cutting edge so to speak - It's sharp, fresh and feels at home alongside both the Dunedin City Council and Dunedin Brand.

Image by: Katy Miller

Last year 48 interns were placed in 26 companies and, of those, 30 were employed in full-time, part-time or contract capacities! If you are a local employer and have a specific project or in need of some fresh talent the annual speed interview event is on the 18th of September, applications are now open - get in quick there are limited spots available.