KiwiLobster the true Wild Legend of the Southern Ocean

Expanding on the new look and premium positioning, Fiordland Lobster Company's China-facing consumer brand, Kiwilobster, has embraced a name change. We are all excited to announce KiwiLobster is rebranded to Wild Legend.

The corporate brands of Fiordland Lobster Company and SALCo (South Australian Lobster Company) have long presented a connectedness, signalling a united membership, the consumer brands were not so strong. It was time for these brands to stand together; strengthening their position in the global market. Benefiting from a more united front, maximising on visibility in a crowded market, and showing a truer sense of scale and ability to supply consistently. 

Unfortunately (we are a little biased), KiwiLobster just won't fly for the Aussies and an AussieLobster doesn't have the same ring to it. 

Why Wild Legend?

Wild Legend reflects the wild nature of the environment and the wild caught lobster while also capturing the romantic notion of what myths and legends are made of. It’s rare, prestigious, sought after.  Famous, with a long tradition and honoured status. Strong and lively. Wild Legend works at home in New Zealand and Australia too, in another way. ‘You’re a legend, mate.’

If you are looking to or playing with the idea of a name change come and talk to the team. We can provide advice and some quick tips to make the transition simple easy.