Aotea Group Launches!

We are excited to announce that the new Aotea Group Website is live!

An exciting step forward in Aotea Group's history, in line with a new strategic direction for Aotea Group the new website looks to achieve Aotea's core business initiatives and serve their customers, while representing the brand image strategically and effectively.

What a better way to celebrate the new site, than a nation-wide cake drop to all 26 of their locations (shown in the video below). 

Aotea - We are Here - NZ "Cake Drop" Firebrand Marketing and Digital Transformation

The new Aotea Group website offers users a clean layout, simple navigation structure and user-friendly functions. Through this easy-to-navigate design, website users can learn about Aotea Group, services, read case studies and learn more about the group of companies and the industries that they work with. Most importantly, users can contact Aotea Group companies easily with a custom developed location finder.

The website wouldn't be possible without the professional and clean imagery & videography that was shot by Isabella Harrex, Michael Mcqueen & Joe Gallagher. 

This is an exciting step forward for Aotea Group and we are excited to be brought along on the journey in their new cross channel strategic direction - Aotea Group, We Are Here. The right people for the job, right across Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Its been our pleasure to work with both Paul and Alistair on such an exciting project and cannot wait to see what the future holds - Check out the fresh look!