RMHC Supper Club 2020 Video ??

This year's Supper Club has been flipped upside down, with Dunedinites coming together to uplift the city's hospitality sector.

This year the Firebrand Team (more specifically our visual storyteller Mr T, otherwise known as Paul) was asked to donate the time to create a teaser video to promote the 2020 RMHC Supper Club but this year's Supper Club has a special twist.... an example of the sense of community we have here in Dunedin.

RMHC 2020 Dunedin Supper Club -Teaser Video Paul Twemlow

As we all know the country and indeed countries the world over have suffered greatly with the outbreak of the COVID - 19 strain of the Corona Virus and although our PM's decisive actions may have saved many lives the economic impact of the pandemic will be felt for years to come. People have lost jobs and businesses have closed, but the sector that has been dealt the hardest blow so far is hospitality and tourism.   

For those of you that have attended the Dunedin Supper Club, you will know that the Stonelake's and their Supper Club team work hard to bring awesome local restaurants together for the evening, the restaurant donates a table to the RMHC as an annual fundraiser for the fantastic work they do supporting kiwi families. Normally all of the funds raised through the donation of the tables would be donated entirely to the RMHC but this year the Supper Club is generously giving back to the many restaurants who have supported their event over the years. 

80% of the proceeds will go to the venue and 20% to RMHC, an absolute credit to the Stonelake's and the greater business community's generosity and compassion with 45+ tables already sold, way to go Dunedin! 

If you wish to purchase a table (and you absolutely should) find all the information you need right here.