Hail, a new product for creating and publishing content, launches into public beta 

Do you struggle with creating and publishing content for your school, business or organisation? Hail empowers you to create future-proofed content and curate your very own beautiful communications (trust us on this one!)

For a few months now, an exceptionally talented team (ex-Firebrand, of course) have been working away on Dunedin's latest tech startup. Hail is in public beta with a few key organisations already putting it through its paces.

Hail is all about helping organisations to produce great long-form content, future-proofed for all viewing mediums and devices, even the ones we haven't heard of yet. Hail also makes it a cinch to produce world-class digital publications, just take a look at Logan Park's most recent Park Press, created with Hail's magazine publication style. Hail can also automatically turn your content into a great looking MailChimp campaign, which will be perfect for those of you who send email newsletters to your clients, customers and communities. No more struggling with fiddly HTML layouts, woohoo!

The Hail workflow encourages collaboration between members of your organisation through commenting and the three-stage review process. Hail also keeps all of your content safely in the cloud, accessible anytime by all of your team.

If you want to know more, just visit the website, and feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss how Hail can help with your organisation's content strategy.

Hero photo by Elvert Barnes.