StripeCon 2017! 

In late November Taua, Marc and Iall got up at a much earlier hour than usual (5.30am) to head up to Wellington for the annual StripeCon held by SilverStripe. If I was to talk about the whole day it would go on forever so I have decided to sum it up in 5 points.

  1. I found that listening to all the different presenters, all with different viewpoints and experiences that they have had with SilverStripe was definitely fascinating. The highlights were the live coding session done by Uncle Cheese, and also learning the origins of said pseudonym!

  2. We were all excited to learn about the new and impressive features of SilverStripe 4 - The main ones being GraphQL, React integration, a new file manager and recipes. The future addition of Elemental is one we are looking forward to in the future.

  3. The shift of SilverStripe into agencies making their code open source is becoming more and more common. Making code available for other developers is one thing, but ensuring that the code is maintained and given some love is just as important instead of letting it wither away.

  4. Many of the topics that were discussed encouraged us to reflect on current and previous projects, this then allowed us to realise how these projects could have or could be benefited from a SilverStripe 4 solution.

  5. Last but not least, but definitely expected - the conference definitely had a 'dev' feel to it. All the presentations were filled to the brim with memes. We’re not complaining though - we loved them!

We (all who attended) want to thank Bex and Firebrand for giving us the opportunity to go up and experience what was StripeCon 2017.  It was an awesome experience and we couldn't recommend it more to anyone who is thinking about going next year! Well played SilverStripe, well played- you definitely know how to put on an event.