SharpSpring CRM and Marketing Automation, now available at Firebrand

You may have heard us talking about a tool called SharpSpring - but what is it? SharpSpring allows you to drive more leads, convert them to sales and optimize your marketing. Whether you are looking for a powerful CRM or marketing automation tool that allows you to be smarter, faster and more responsive; one thing is for sure SharpSpring will assist you to measure your ROI like never before.

If it is time you need to elevate your marketing and customer engagement strategy it is time to think about employing a digital tool to take the reins, enter SharpSpring.

Katy Miller

Why use Sharpspring?

Drive more leads with SharpSpring features: 

  • VisitorID
  • A/B testing 
  • Dynamic forms
  • Campaign optimization
  • Call tracking 

Convert more leads to sales with SharpSpring features:

  • Behaviour-Based Email
  • Campaign Tracking
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Blog Builder
  • Social
  • Behaviour tracking 
  • Life of Lead & Lead Scoring
  • Email automation 
  • Sales Notifications
  • Mobile CRM 

Optimize ROI with SharpSpring features:

  • Campaign analytics & customizable reports
  • Pipeline and Sales Reports 
  • AdWords integration
  • Content ROI tracking
  • Online & offline lead tracking

Behind all of these wonderful features is a tool that centralises and simplifies your marketing stack. It tracks customers even before you know their name. It connects the dots and can tell you where they’ve been, what content they have been interested in and when they engaged. With this, you can then apply automation rules to send your customers dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests. 

Katy Miller

Why are we partnering with Sharpspring?

SharpSpring is built for agencies, this means the support available to you is two-fold, you get to deal directly with us, from training, campaign development to troubleshooting and billing. When things don't go as they should - we go to bat for you.

If any of the above features pique your interest and think that your team might just benefit from SharpSpring, book in a SharpSpring pitch and demo with the Firebrand team today!!