Taryn Ormsby

Creative Director


Taryn is our Creative Director at Firebrand with over 10 years of experience in the creative industries. With a Bachelor of Design from USC, Taryn has worked with renowned brands in agencies across Australia and London. She brings a vast range of design processes, principles, and skills to the table, unpacking creative ideas and rolling out strategic and finessed campaigns. 

Taryn leads, supports, and nurtures our team of mission specialists and explorers and enjoys working with and enabling her team to plan, create and ensure we deliver high-quality and strategic work that successfully achieves our clients’ brand goals. Her skills span the realms of design and creative direction across graphic design, branding, strategy, digital marketing, illustration, film, and photography.


Outside of the office, Taryn likes to get her hands dirty with the likes of pottery, painting, illustration, calligraphy, and gardening. She loves Latin dancing, a good coffee and tries to see as much of this beautiful country as she can. She also enjoys co-hosting the Dunedin Design Kids events, bringing the local design community together to be inspired, stay connected, and learn from each other.