Rachel Binnie

Senior Strategist


Mission Specialist Rachel is responsible for enabling growth for our clients through design, branding, digital marketing strategy, and implementation. Prior to graduating, Rachel was a member of our Youth Employment Success (YES) programme and spent time as an intern here at Firebrand. Now equipped with a Bachelor of Design with Honours from Massey University, Rachel spent two years working for a Dunedin-based architecture firm as their head graphic designer and marketing manager before returning to the Firebrand family. 

Rachel understands the importance of building empathy and translates that into strong, future-proof designs that meet the client's needs. Rachel delivers clean and well-considered design across both print and digital platforms as well as in-depth and comprehensive marketing strategies that respond to every client's individual needs.


You will always know Rachel is around as soon as you hear her one-of-a-kind accent. After spending her first few years in Scotland, Rachel's family has lived all over the world. On her travels, she was a competitive swimmer in both Scotland and Abu Dhabi and developed a deep love for the sport. She has passed on her passion by coaching swimming for the past 5 years to people of all ages.

Among Rachel's other interests in life are design, swimming, and food and she thrives when she can hit all three in one day! Rachel can tell you what typeface to use, which swimmer to cheer for, which restaurant to go to, and can explain the plot to every true crime documentary on Netflix!