James Kuek

Mission Specialist


Mission Specialist James joins Firebrand from beautiful Queenstown with experience in both graphic design and web design & development. Having worked both in agencies and as a freelancer across the design spectrum over the years, you'll find him across any creative end of a project from branding and print publications to digital media and responsive websites. He sees individual client projects through a broad creative lens, aiming to ensure the whole suite works in unison. James is looking for the next big upskill and is currently getting to know Silverstripe as intimately as he does HTML and CSS.


Outside of work, James seems to have lost his "off" button. You'll find him either writing and drawing, tending to his cosmetics side hustle, racing (or more likely fixing) his car(s), or gardening. He's also a passionate cook and loves the challenge of mastering unusual recipes from around the world. When he does down tools on occasion, this keen reformed couch potato heads straight for the outdoors; the beach, the next Great Walk on the list, or wherever the road takes him.