Georgina Guthrie

Mission Control


Georgina keeps the Firebrand engine running smoothly. With a background in project management and sales, she is one of our key relationship managers. Georgina's role is a mixture of sales, customer care, project leadership and business process improvement and her finger is firmly on Firebrand’s pulse.

Georgina has a particular interest in eCommerce and digital strategy and works closely with our Firebrand Friends to deliver their products to the world. Georgina is hyper-aware when it comes to opportunity identification for your business and how you can better connect with your customers. If you want to discuss a new website, improve your content, create a company video or maybe you need good advice on your approach to social media - Georgina can create a plan that works for you.


When not wrangling digital projects or the Firebrand team, Georgina can be found at the gym whipping herself into shape for bodybuilding contests. She’s had some success too, winning awards in the shape category with her little girl Indy always there to cheer her on. Georgina enjoys her chicken and green beans (it’s called "eating clean", folks) and learning about nutrition to improve her performance. Her dedication to meal preparation and healthy lunches puts the rest of us to shame!