Dan Wilkinson

Mission Support

Videography Intern


Dan joined the team as a Videographer Intern at the beginning of November '21. He studied photography for 2 years at Otago Polytechnic and has done a number of freelance work ranging from promo work with local musicians to more corporate gigs around the recruitment industry as well as local food events in Dunedin. Dan is enjoying the workflow at Firebrand which has seen him work across many different areas in Otago and Canterbury in his first 3 weeks and hopes to further flesh out his creativity in future work.


Dan's passion for Film and Photography means that when he's out of the office he's often shooting local artists in Dunedin whether that be at live events or promotional material or either at his local cinema with his mates. Dan also enjoys collecting vinyl records of his favourite albums past and present (his collection sits at between 150-200 records! with about 10 of them signed) as well as supporting local eateries and food trucks in and around Dunedin (he's known for always getting a slice of Vegan Pepperoni at Slice Of Heaven every Friday for lunch no question).