Alice Maclaurin

Mission Support

Administration Intern


Alice has joined firebrand in the summer of 2021 as an Administration Intern. Alice holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts, a Certificate in Fashion, and a Certificate in Small Business and Project Management. Together with 11 years in retail, she brings the best of a creative background and business prowess to the role of Mission Support Admin Intern. Having previously operated as a sole trader selling her art, Alice understands the nature of small businesses. Building on her interest in business, she studied Small Business and Project Management with Te Wananga O Aotearoa. Taking the role at Firebrand has allowed Alice to see project management in action on a bigger scale in a real work environment beyond the classroom. She enjoys the nature of the support role within the business, providing assistance to both the internal team and the external clientele. You can find her at the admin desk behind her ceramic penguin Linus, ready to help.


In her spare time, Alice intermittently pursues a variety of hobbies in the arts. Currently, her main creative focus is pottery, throwing vessels on the wheel. She keenly enjoys languages and had been accepted to teach English in Japan before the pandemic turned up and changed her plans. Alice also likes playing music, growing vegetables, baking bread and riding her bike Kermit.